• Unable to insert the key

  • Stopped at "ACC" 

  • Stopped at "ON" 

  • No spring at "START" 



  • Stuck at "ACC"

  • Cannot turn to "OFF"

  • Stuck at "ON"

  • Cannot switch engine off

broken key.jpg


  • Can turn ignition

  • Cannot turn ignition

  • Cannot insert key fully

  • Missing broken half 


  • Do not attempt to force your key out of the ignition when you see that the car key won’t come out. Take the time to assess the reasons that might be behind this and then decide on a course of action, could attempt a DIY process that will help you extract your key.

  • Pay attention to other components that reside around your car ignition. These include your steering wheel, the transmission (especially for automatic vehicles) and your car battery, to name a few.

  • If you believe that your key is stuck because of an obstruction in the keyway, lubricate the key and the ignition cylinder. Then use a broken key extractor tool to gently pull your key out. If this method is successful, you should make sure that you clean the keyway of the ignition afterward.

  • Your car key might be stuck in the ignition as a result of a problem with the ignition cylinder itself. These are usually harder to diagnose and deal with in the absence of professional help. If you believe that this is the reason why your car key is stuck, make sure you immediately stop tampering with it and call us to assist you.


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